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Best Fixed Header(sticky header) WordPress Plugins

  • Fixed header WordPress plugins are very useful for designing user interface website.Fixed header plugins will give a chance to design your website header according to user interest.We listed here some plugins which will definitely give a chance to create a better fixed header.
  • WordPress plugin store is full of every type of plugins.We listed here free and premium plugins of the sticky header.
  • As for my knowledge fixed header options are not included in every theme.Some premium themes will give fixed header options .
  • There are some plugins are available to give fixed header to your website.
  1. Sticky Header by ThematoSoup.

  2. Awesome Sticky Header by DevCanyon.

  3. Advanced Sticky Header

  4. Avk Sticky Header.


Sticky Header by ThematoSoup:

Sticky Header by ThematoSoup is very popular among this fixed header plugins.It gives more options to create and customize the fixed header.

You can customize width and background color.It gives various choices to create a user-friendly fixed header.Here I will give full information about how to create a fixed header.

  • Menu: You have to create at least one menu list to add it to fixed header.It will show the only main menu,so it is not going to show  sub menu options.
  • Logo:There is the option given to upload logo.Your logo would be in 30 px sizes otherwise, it will resize to appropriate size.If you  are not interested in the uploading logo,it will show site title.
  • Background:You can choose the suitable background color and text color to the header.
  •  Make visible when scrolled:You are able to set a distance from the top of the page at  fixed header shown.





Awesome Sticky Header by DevCanyon:

Awesome Sticky Header by DevCanyon is also an awesome plugin for fixed header.It gives powerful options to design your header.I will mention here some of the customizing options here.

  • Sticky Header scroll position.
  • Header change.
  • Full-width stretch.
  • Header position.
  • Sticky animation.
  • Hover transition.

You can set logo,three level of sub navigation.You are able to set suitable colors to the header.

Advanced Sticky Header:

Advanced Sticky Header plugin is very easy to use.Go through this options given in Advanced Sticky Header plugin to customize your header according to your choice.

Available options:

  • Header class:Enter class header or nav.
  • Animate.
  • Animation type.
  • Shadow.

Avk Sticky Header:

Avk Sticky Header plugin also best choice among the Sticky header plugins.Avk Sticky Header plugin  has same features and options which are available in above plugins.

Available options:

  • Menu.
  • Logo.
  • Background color.
  • Text color.
  • Sticky header max width.



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