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Where to Put Google Analytics code in WebSite

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website analytics service.Google Analytics analyzes your website traffic.Google launched “web Analytics service” in 2005.Google Analytics presents stats of your website about traffic, clicks, user location and user interests.It shows full stats about your website.Always we want to know our website visitors interests and website traffic to improve the website according to the visitor’s interests .Google Analytics gives full information about our website.

How to Create Google Analytics Account:

Here I am going to write about how to create Google Analytics Account step by step.

  1. First, search “google analytics”   through the google search.Where to Put Google Analytics code in WebSite
  2. Then click on “Google Analytics” link which redirects to the SignUp page of Google Analytics.
  3. SignUp through your Gmail Account.
  4. Choose “website”tracking.
  5. Then give “Account Name”.
  6. After that enter “Website Name”.
  7. Enter “URL”.
  8. Then choose industry category which is related to your site.
  9. Select time zone.
  10. Click on “save” button.Where to Put Google Analytics code in WebSite
  11. After this, you will see tracking id in the form of <script>…………………….</script>
  12. Copy that code and paste it in the header or footer.

Where to Put Google Analytics code in WebSiteWhere to Put Google Analytics code in WebSite:

Some WordPress themes will give you option panel where you can put the Google Analytics code.

Manual you have to go to

Appearance==>Editer==>     Then paste tracking code exactly above the </head> and save it by clicking on update file below.

You can customize your account according to your preferences .


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