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Points to Consider Before Registering a Domain Name

  • Choosing an appropriate Domain Name for your blog is very important thing for getting success in the blogging field.
  • Here I am explaining which facts and points are considerable when selecting an appropriate Domain Name.I am writing this article through  my experiences.
  • I also did some silly mistakes while choosing my Domain Name.If you see my Domain on top you can gauss what I did because of inexperience. I selected a Domain Name with a little change while there is a similar Domain Name      already exists.domain name registration

What does Domain Name mean:

Domain is the unique identification address  of a website in the form of URL.Domain is the group of alphabets or numbers connected to the specific IP address or multiple IP addresses.
If you are a blogger and wants to make an own brand of your’s then you have to know some facts to consider before registering a domain name. You want to make difference between  your blog and other bloggers blog.

Here I am stressing some points wich are definitely considerable while you choosing a Domain Name.

  1. Choose a unique  and catchy Domain Name
  2. Choose a Domain Name related to your Niche.

Take a unique and catchy domain name because humans always remember unique things.But don’t go for extreme unique Domain Name which is not related to your Niche.

And also going for a similar Domain Name of  popular Domains  will hurt your plans to making  your own brand

Top  Domain Name Registers:

Here we are presenting top  Domain Name Registers


Godaddy is internet domain name register and hosting per 2016 data, GoDaddy has 61 million domains under their management.It is an ICANN-accredited registrar.

Here it is the link >>>>Godaddy



iPage is web hosting and domain register company which is owned by endurance international group.It is founded in 1998 and it is relaunched in 2009

Here it is the link>>>>iPage


Namecheap is ICANN Accredited domain name register.It has 5 million domains under their management.

Name cheap founded in 2000.Namecheap voted for best domain register in 2012.

Here it is the link>>>Namecheap

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