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How To Get Traffic To Website/Blog

How To Get Traffic To Your Website/Blog

Hello ,everyone I am here to explain how to promote your website/blog (or) how to get traffic to your website/blog.

      Ok,We know everyone wants to get good traffic to their websites which can make their sites popular and gives revenue.

  • But how to get traffic to your website/blog.

     We know online marketers and bloggers (who are well experienced in this blogging field)teaching everything about how to get traffic to website/blog.

  But I am mentioning here only those fundamental principles which are compulsory to every blogger  and newbie.

  •  If you want to success then you must follow these principles.

Make Your Site Responsive:

How To Get Traffic To Website/Blog

     The First thing you have to do is choosing a Responsive theme.There is a number of websites are present to give free responsive themes.

  •   “”is the best marketplace to get free responsive themes.

  Why we have to choose responsive theme:

  • Responsive themes respond to user’s behavior and environment based on screen size,platform and orientation.
  • Responsive themes are adaptive.
  • Responsive themes take less time to load.



Content is very important to succeed in this blogging field.If you give informative articles then users trust you and become returning users.

If you are maintaining a travel blog then you have to give information about The best destination with best packages to your targeted audience.

In this perspective “targeted audience”is very important.If you targeted middle class then you have to give information of destination and packages which they can afford.

On page-SEO:

How To Get Traffic To Website/Blog

SEO (search engine optimization) is very effective to get traffic

important points in SEO:

Taking long tail keywords:

  It gives high chances to get listed on the first page of search engine result.

Meta description:

In this, we give short and effective information about our engines search your meta description  after the title of your post.

Keyword density:

Including relevant keywords throughout your content helps to find your post in search results.


If you upload an image in your post then give a title to it which is relate to your post.

Internal linking:

Internal linking which can give you high ranking in search results.


How To Get Traffic To Website/Blog

If you have budget then you can advertise your site through search engines like google AdWords

Social Media:

How To Get Traffic To Website/Blog

Social media is effective to get traffic 

You can  share your post in social media accounts that can lead to getting traffic.Iin twitter, you can give #tags to your posts.

Email Marketing:

How To Get Traffic To Website/Blog

Email marketing is very useful in increasing your traffic.In this, you have to offer the subscription of your website.

Before offering Subscription you have to give good information that can get users trust








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